The overall research idea of iSEQ is to unravel the complex molecular systems governing biological function and human disease by applying interdisciplinary and innovative sequencing based approaches and unique resources in the integrative fields of systems biology, functional genomics and human diseases. A strong modelling and bioinformatics environment will support this endeavour.

All the iSEQ projects bridge expertise from health sciences and natural science and technology, and many rely on integration with expertise and resources at business and social sciences.

The projects in the first five years cluster into two main axes: 

RNA and cancer

Psychiatric disorders, association mapping and evolution

There is an active crosstalk between the two axes and several links between the projects of the two axes are pursued. All projects follow in principal the process from generating data in human normal and diseased tissues and from the environment; analysis and interpretation of these in a systems biology fashion, hypothesis formation and testing of these both bioinformatically and experimentally, with final model building and translation back to the clinical setting.