About iSEQ


Biological systems and their components interact with each other as well as external factors in highly complex manners. Deciphering these complex processes is essential to understand biological function – and malfunction, e.g. the aetiology and development of disease.

With the advent of novel sequencing and genomics technologies it has become possible to study complex biological systems, evolutionary and developmental processes as well as pathogenic pathways at an unprecedented scale.

The overall aim of iSEQ is to integrate multi-layered biological sequencing data with comprehensive phenotypic and environmental data to gain new and more coherent insights into the complex molecular systems governing biological function and human disease.


Main objectives


Infrastructure: Provide large-scale sequencing and computing facilities coupled with advanced bioinformatics expertise to integrate multi-layered and massive sequencing, phenotypic and environmental data.

Research: Perform a wide range of interdisciplinary studies that integrate different biological systems with different sequencing approaches within the integrative fields of systems biology, functional genomics and human disease.

Education and talent development: Establish an interdisciplinary PhD field in “Integrative Science and Medicine”, contribute to BSc and MSc programs in the field of “Systems Biology and Medicine”, and train postdocs and senior researchers in a dynamic, international environment